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Our Youth Worker - Helen Buchanan

Helen has been working with Contraflow since March 2015 and is passionate about the work that Contraflow does and the young people she engages with both on a weekly basis and through the work in schools. Helen loves how many opportunities are available for the Trust within the area and has enjoyed exploring new groups and events.

Helen is a big fan of musicals and can often be found singing along in the car or visiting the theatre for amateur or professional performances. However chilling out with friends over a game (challenge her at Jungle Speed) or eating a meal is where she thrives most.

Helen is also a lover of Christmas both the true meaning and also the films and music that go with the festive period, she loves hearing of new films she hasn't seen so try and share your favourite Christmas film with her or find one she hasn't seen already!

Helen says....

"The role with contraflow is an amazing opportunity to see relationships deepen and dependence on God become a reality for young people. I am constantly challenged in this role and see God working in the various groups and events around the town. I have been blessed with a number of Godly women as friends since moving to the area and continued to feel supported and encouraged by the local Churches in the work that I am doing."