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October 2016

This year has flown by for the project with lots of different projects and events through the year. We've been in schools taking assemblies, running SU groups at lunch time and after school, working with schools to run Easter Code and It's Your Move a P7 transition event and starting a new Chaplaincy Cafe serving free Hot Chocolate in Hermitage Academy. Outwith school we've had our midweek groups, summer holiday clubs, 32 of us at Soul Survivor in August and our all age services and prayer evenings.

We've met new young people this year and seen real growth in those who have been attending groups for a couple of years. As we approach the winter session we look forward to our Light Party in Helensburgh Baptist Church on Saturday 28th October from 6pm until 8pm for all ages. Then it'll soon be time for our Bubblegum and Fluff Christmas event with the schools. If you would like to know more about any of the events or activities we are running please do get in touch with Helen as she would love to hear from you.