Contraflow Prayer Walk Week

Sunday 27th September - Saturday 3rd October

We want to cover our town and in particular the areas around our local schools and the schools themselves in prayer, to pray God's kingdom come. While we could do this from the comfort of our own home, there is incredible power in physically walking these areas as we pray. Recognising the many different lifestyles people have with work and children we are going to do this over the course of a week. We will ask you to go out as a 2/3 and to cover an area around one of our local schools. In order to ensure we cover as much ground as possible we would ask you to email Helen with which school area you would like to cover and when you would be able to cover it. If you have a friend you plan to go out with let me know, if not I will attempt to pair/triplet people together. In the run up to the event I will send you a photo of a map with a highlighted area of where you would be covering (how much of this you cover is left to you).

Can I encourage you if you are involved in an SU group or have been a volunteer at Easter Code or Christmas Unwrapped to really consider this your way of serving our young people at the present time. You have names and insights into school lives others do not and can pray specifically over those schools. However we would love anyone with a heart for the young people of our area to join us in this. There are 13 schools in total and I would love at least 4 people (2 pairs) per school, this means we need a minimum of 52 people to sign up to walk with us in Prayer.

Below is some information from 24/7 Prayer International about why a prayer walk and a little guidance on what this might look like. I have also provided a list of the schools as well. If you have any questions feel free to contact Helen on or 07897479690

Prayer walking- 24/7Prayer International

One of the most effective forms of spiritual warfare is prayer-walking. Inspired by God's promise to Joshua, we can walk the victory of Jesus into every part of our neighbourhoods, cities and nations.

In faith we walk, believing that as the soles of our feet hit the ground, we are appropriating the work of Jesus over the principalities and powers influencing the atmosphere and shaping the narratives of our city.

Each step we take in Jesus' name, we weaken something of the enemy's grip in the Heavenly realms and subvert the systems of evil and injustice.

Prayer walking thrusts us out of our church buildings, forcing us to resist the temptation to stay inward-focused, stirring us to keep the mission front and centre. It engages all our senses, rousing us to cry out to God - as we walk with defiant hope into every crack and crevice of our cities. While we walk in victory, and therefore pray in victory, let us remember the way that victory was won - sacrificial, self-emptying, love.

As we prayer-walk, let's not get so consumed with the forces of darkness and our own adrenaline rush of triumphalism that we get our eyes off Jesus. Let us kneel in our streets in a posture of humility, repentance and unity, and let us declare that Jesus' sacrifice is more than enough for the redemption of all peoples and places.

Prayer walking is a great way to get active in prayer and is as simple as it sounds - you pray as you walk. Why not try it and learn more about a place and God's heart for a community.
  1. 1. Start and end together: agree a place and time to meet to start walking and talking to God together.
  2. 2. Planned route or a wild goose chase? You can decide ahead of time where you're going to go or you can simply ask the Holy Spirit to lead you as you walk. Just make sure you don't get lost!
  3. 3. Try going out in twos: Jesus sent his disciples out in twos. It's not intimidating or as conspicuous as a large group can be, and it is safer than people going on their own. If you have a larger group breaking into pairs can help you cover more ground.
  4. 4. To be seen or not to be seen: you can pray quietly or in a volume that doesn't draw attention if you're on a covert prayer mission. Silence is okay too. It's not about being seen to be praying, it's about seeing and praying. Having said that, if you feel confident sometimes the Lord can ask us to pray boldly in public!
  5. 5. Pray the positive: even in areas that are considered 'dark' or 'desperate', try to pray blessings rather than 'tearing down' prayers. Focus on God's plan, purpose and destiny for the place and the people that live there. "Your Kingdome come, your will be done..." makes an excellent start!
  6. 6. Ending well: if you've gone in different directions why not meet up at the end to share what you've felt, seen, prayed and heard from God. If you can keep a record of what you share so you can build on it next time.

Local Schools
  • Hermitage Primary
  • John Logie Baird Primary
  • Colgrain Primary
  • Lomond School
  • Hermitage Academy
  • Rhu Primary
  • Cardross Primary
  • Luss Primary
  • Garelochhead Primary
  • Rosneath Primary
  • Kilcreggan Primary
  • Arrochar Primary
  • Parklands School


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